What’s the 411, yo


What is your shipping policy?

All shipping includes a tracking number. To pick up locally in Winnipeg, Manitoba, enter code PICKUPSTIX at checkout

Will the copper tarnish?

Just like any copper, it will oxidize and darken into a warm brown over time. Some people prefer this look, but it’s simple to brighten it up again if you’d like. Simply mix a bit of lemon juice and salt together and wipe down the piece. Rinse with warm water and gently dry with a soft cloth. Boom.

Where can I find you?

Ok easy, I’m right here. Head over to Stockists at the bottom of the page to see the wonderful shops that carry my products. I’ll also update the shop with which markets I have coming up, so we can high five in person. Cool? Cool.

Do you make custom pieces?

I sure do! For custom pieces, people tend to choose to use fur, hair, cremation ashes, sentimental pieces of nature, etc. I currently have a wait list going but will post when I’m opening custom orders again.

If you choose to have a custom piece made, the item you’d like used must be dried out (no moisture), and fit on a penny without hanging off.

A few things to keep in mind:
- white hair/fur becomes pretty much translucent. It can still be done, it’ll just be very subtle.
-They take about 3 weeks to make, once I’ve received your item.
-Custom pieces are $60 and include the 24” chain.
-The item will be preserved inside, so there’s no getting it out again. (or adding anything into it once completed)