Real Pieces of Manitoba Nature

Real Pieces of Manitoba Nature

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Every single piece is one of a kind

Mother Nature is an incredible and interesting artist.

The way a leaf forms, the way the yellow lines wrap the body of a wasp - each is unique.
Every piece of jewelry contains real nature, with no two pieces ever being exactly alike.

Made in Manitoba,
Made of Manitoba

From dandelion seeds to wildflowers, each piece contains real little pieces of nature. Using hand cut copper pipe as the bezel and carefully preserving and arranging the items, it’s a slow and detailed process.
Like a good stew. But less edible.


The surprise section is for you

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"A perfect way to bring a piece of home with me, wherever I go"

— A Self-Professed Prairie Girl

Earrings - It’s all in the details

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About the Maker

Oh hey there, and welcome to my little shop!
I love all things that include coffee, dogs or sarcasm.
All of the items contained in my pieces have been found by myself or my kids on our treasure hunting walks.
Please don’t tell them I don’t keep every single thing they find.