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Custom Pendant

Custom Pendant

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This listing is for one (1) custom-made Classic Pendant
Please read before adding to cart, collection kit and email will be sent out within 2 business days *

For this order to be completed, the following criteria must be met and accepted.
Thank you :)

  • The pendant is made of 3/4” copper pipe. The interior size is the size of a penny, so as long as your item can fit on a penny without hanging off (and isn't too thick), it'll work!
  • The item must be dried and not contain moisture (dried flowers/bark/coins work well)
  • Please note that light coloured hair/fur becomes very translucent, it can still be seen but is much more subtle than dark brown/black hair/fur.
  • This is a permanent preservation, it is not a locket that your item can be taken back out of again.
  • Once the pendant is completed, it cannot be changed.
    Depending on the item, it may alter or warp during the process. Your item will be going into a liquid substance and curing, this may make colours and textures look different than they would if they were still dry (ex/ Thin flower petals can become more clear looking, edges may change shape, etc). I do my best to arrange items to look the best they can be, but sometimes things can shift and warp/look magnified. Each piece is uniquely its own.
  • At checkout, please make sure to enter all your information so I can email you about your piece. I will also be sending a small collection kit for your item, so ensure your mailing address is where you'd like this to go. 
  • Your kit will also include a pre-addressed mailer with tracking to safely return your item/collection kit in. I will send an email once your kit has been received to confirm how your item will be displayed or answer any questions.
    Your custom piece will be completed 3-4 weeks after I receive your kit. 

Thank you for trusting me with your treasures and understanding this tricky process!
I can’t wait to see the creative ideas you come up with!

*Pricing includes shipping for collection kit and it's return, please select local pick up at checkout if you're wanting to pick up the finished piece or shipping if it is to be shipped out*


- Handpicked nature
- Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel plated in 18k Rose Gold
- Lead/Nickel Free

Care information

- Oils, lotions, perfumes and sunscreens can tarnish your plated treasures,
so try and keep them clean and dry!
- Store your Copper & Pine pieces safe and sound in their own boxes or
pouches so they aren’t rubbing against each other or getting scratched up by
other random metals looking to shank them
- Polish with a soft, dry cloth whenever they’re looking a bit dull
- Keep your piece looking it’s best by taking it off for exercising, swimming,
and mud wrestling

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