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Safety Pin Earrings

Safety Pin Earrings

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The perfect stationary continuation of the Paperclip Earrings, beautiful brand new Safety Pin Earrings! 
They're a stylish, upgraded version of the original punk safety pins, and
 are the perfect accessory for any look.
Made of hypoallergenic stainless steel and plated in 18k rose gold, they're that perfect finishing touch to match your favourite Copper & Pine pieces. 

They measure 4cm long and easily push in and out at the base to secure the end in place. 


- Handpicked nature
- Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel plated in 18k Rose Gold
- Lead/Nickel Free

Care information

- Oils, lotions, perfumes and sunscreens can tarnish your plated treasures,
so try and keep them clean and dry!
- Store your Copper & Pine pieces safe and sound in their own boxes or
pouches so they aren’t rubbing against each other or getting scratched up by
other random metals looking to shank them
- Polish with a soft, dry cloth whenever they’re looking a bit dull
- Keep your piece looking it’s best by taking it off for exercising, swimming,
and mud wrestling

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