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Tiny Forest Terrarium Collection #16

Tiny Forest Terrarium Collection #16

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This listing is for this exact item as each piece is unique.

This pendant contains a real little ferns, mushrooms lichen and moss, permanently preserved in resin.
Showcasing mixed metals, the nature is held in hand cut copper and hangs from a rose gold plated stainless steel chain.
The items inside were handpicked in nature by the maker herself and is a real piece of Canada to bring with you, wherever you adventure.
Each piece is automatically gift wrapped, because why not! 

- Nickel/Lead free
- Wipe clean with a soft cloth
- Keep dry/out of direct sunlight
- Enjoy the heck out of it

These pieces are larger than our Classic Pendants, as shown in the size comparison photo, about 1” in diameter.


- Handpicked nature
- Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel plated in 18k Rose Gold
- Lead/Nickel Free

Care information

- Oils, lotions, perfumes and sunscreens can tarnish your plated treasures,
so try and keep them clean and dry!
- Store your Copper & Pine pieces safe and sound in their own boxes or
pouches so they aren’t rubbing against each other or getting scratched up by
other random metals looking to shank them
- Polish with a soft, dry cloth whenever they’re looking a bit dull
- Keep your piece looking it’s best by taking it off for exercising, swimming,
and mud wrestling

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